SBD for Standalone system under DDG
  1. Cover Page
  2. Section-I IFB
  3. Section-II ITB
    1. Section-III BDS
    2. Anex-A to BDS Section-III
  4. Annex I to Section -III
  5. Section-IV GCC
  6. Section-V SCC
    1. Annex I to SCC (Section-V)
  7. Section VI Forms
  8. Section-VII Scope of works
  9. Section-VIII Bid form
  10. Section-IX Price Schedules
  11. Section-X Quality Assurance Mechanism
  12. Section-XI Technical Specifications
  13. Section-XII Technical Drawings
  14. Letter from ED DDUGJY to all MDs/CMDs of State Renewable Agency/Departments/DISCOM regarding SBD for Standalone System under DDUGJY