RE Monitor
"A Web based Milestone Monitoring System for RE Project"
Rural Electrification Monitor or RE Monitor is a Management Information System for Ministry of Power developed jointly by REC and NIC.The system is for monitoring RE projects sanctioned under Phase-II of XI plan and XII plan. To monitor district wise RE project, the project cycle has been divided into 16 Physical Milestones which are again linked to 5 Financial Milestones. Release of instalment has been interconnected with physical progress. The Milestones have been further divided into 8 stages that provide an overall picture of any project at a glance.
The system provides project-wise target vis-a-vis actual achievement of Milestones or anticipated dates of achievement with reasons for delay if any and issues pertaining to the projects hampering desired pace of progress. The system also generates various exception reports that pin points the defaulters. The system helps in taking decisions on sorting out bottlenecks as well as timely execution of the projects.