Role of the Nodal Agency (REC Ltd.)
  • Rural Electrification Corporation Limited (REC) shall be the Nodal Agency for operationalization and implementation of the scheme under the overall guidance of MoP. The Nodal Agency will be paid 0.5% of the project cost approved by Monitoring Committee or award cost, whichever is lower, as their fee. The role of the Nodal agency is as below:
  • Notify all the guidelines and formats required for implementation of the project from time to time.
  • Appraise the DPRs before putting up to the Monitoring Committee.
  • Conduct all works relating to holding of the Monitoring Committee meetings for approvals.
  • Administer the Grant Component.
  • Develop a dedicated web portal for submission of DPRs and for maintaining the MIS of the projects.
  • Monitor physical and financial progress of the projects including quality of works.
  • Nodal agency shall deploy Third Party services of outside agencies/manpower for concurrent evaluation of project implementation.